See the World with Vision of the Seas

Are you planning on spending your holiday seeing the world on a cozy and a fancy cruise ship? Then, it is worth to consider Vision of the Seas. Vision of the Seas is a vision-class cruise ship that is operated by the Royal Caribbean International, the last of its class. The premier voyage of this cruise ship was in May, 2nd 1998. After that, this cruise ship sailed for a year in Europe before it was moved to other routes.

Collect all cultures from all over the world as well as gain an entire new perspective about being on an adventure onboard with Vision of the Seas. Here, you will be able to enjoy Cajun-Caribbean fusion by sailing from New Orleans to the Bahamas and beyond. Take some times as you get close and enjoy the Mediterranean masterpieces at the outstanding view of the Baltic Sea. Discover all of the colors of New England on a fall foliage cruise from New York. Wherever place in the world you wish to explore, this cozy and fancy cruise ship is ready to take you there.

Cruises on Vision of the Seas

Vision of the seas

Vision of the Seas offers a lot of types of cruises that you can choose. Those cruises are including last minute cruises, summer cruises, spring cruises, weekend cruises, themed cruises, holiday cruises, family vacations, and many more. In the last minute cruises, there are 3 types of cruises, for example, 4-night Western Caribbean Cruises.

If you choose this Western Caribbean Cruises, you will depart from Miami at 4 PM. So, before you sail with the cruise ship, you are able to do various things in Miami. Such as soaking up the sun in the South Beach, sipping your favorite mojitos in beach bars, and so on. Or, you can visit Little Havana where you can experience Miami’s Cuban traditions.

On day 2, you will be at sea, sailing with the comfortable cruise ship. While on-board, you can enjoy various facilities provided such as a rock climbing wall. No reservation required if you want to rock climbing wall and the fee is included in your fare. In day at 7 AM, you will arrive in Cozumel, Mexico. You will depart again at 6 PM, so that you can do various fun things in Mexico between the time.

For you who love history, you can visit San Gervasio, the biggest Maya site in Cozumel where you can get close with Maya history. Or if you love water sport, you can go to the Chankanaab National Park. Here, you will be able to snorkel, scuba dive, until swim with dolphins.

On day 4, you will be sailing again. Have a romantic dinner while enjoying the sea and delicious prime steak on-board. If you are a VIP, you will be able to do wine tasting as well. In the last day, you will arrive back in Miami, Florida. This 4-Night Western Caribbean Cruises cost from US$199. For you who want to spend your spring break, you can choose the spring cruise where you will be taken to the Bahamas. You can rent a boat to reach the private Pearl Island or get relaxed at the Junkanoo Beach.

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Rooms of Vision of the Sea

The rooms in the Vision of the Sea are super comfortable so that you can enjoy your cruise at sea. Every room in this cruise ship is featured with luxurious amenities and stunning ocean view since it has a balcony. The room service is available 24 hours and the state room attendants are ready daily. If you bring a baby, you just need to let them know and they will provide you a crib and other supplies.

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