11 Tips for Use of Public Toilets During Pandemic Safely

Tips For Safe Use of Public Toilets During Pandemic – Some people have returned to activity outdoors with strict health protocols: mandatory masks, keep distances, and diligent hand-washing. What if you want to go to the public toilet?

Public toilets are usually small in size, which is difficult to apply physical distancing, poor ventilation, and humidity. Is it able to be an intermediary for the coronavirus transmission?

A study published June 15, 2020 in the journal Physics of Fluids, reveals the potential danger of public toilets during the Covid-19 pandemic. A study conducted by Ji-Xiang Wang et al from Yangzhou University, China, it found that flushing toilets can sprinkle aerosol droplets with an altitude of nearly 3 feet or nearly 1 meter.

The droplets can float in the air long enough so it may be inhalation of the next toilet user or land on the surface in the bathroom. If droplets contain contagious virus particles, toilet users are at risk of contracting Covid-19.

However, there have not been any studies revealing how likely a coronavirus transmitted through toilet splashes.

Tips For Safe Use of Public Toilets During Pandemic

Physical distance

In anticipation of the danger of transmission that occurs when using public toilets or public transport, the first thing to worry about is the physical distance when people line up. Because, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mentions, these new types of coronaviruses have the potential to spread when people are at a close distance.

A researcher at the Texas Policy Lab Susan Amirian said, it would be harder to keep a physical distance when using a public toilet, especially in a crowded environment.

Avoid touching The Surface

The next Tips For Safe Use of Public Toilets During Pandemic is avoid touching the surface of objects or items in the toilet.

Washing hands

The John Hopkins Center for Health Security Alumni, Amesh Adalja, emphasize, although surface transmissions are possible, washing hands is an important way to stay safe and clean.

Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds.

Avoid Touching The Face

After that, avoid touching the face.

Using The mask

Then keep using the mask.

Using toilet paper

Use of Public Toilets During Pandemic using tiolet paper

If there is toilet paper, it should be used. Researchers from the University of Leeds found that automatic air dryers could help spread aerosols and pollute other surfaces.

They warn that air dryers should not be used in hospital toilets.

Leaving the toilet in an open door

When leaving the toilet, do not forget to leave the door in an open state because the whole toilet surface is covered with bacteria from the feces.

Bring Hand sanitizer.

It is also advisable to always carry a hand sanitizer wherever you go. Use, just in case if the supply of soap in public toilets is running out.

How about the toilet seat, is it safe to use it when the Covid-19 pandemic?

No need to worry too much because the spread of viruses does not occur through the skin. However, it does not hurt to implement safe tips using a seated toilet when this corona pandemic.

Safe Tips for using a seated toilet when COVID-19:

Closing the toilet seat before watering

Adalja suggests closing the toilet seat before watering to protect the user. He agrees that droplets on the toilet surface may contain viruses, but he says there is no need to hesitate to use the public toilets.

Cover the toilet seat with pedestal

Cover the toilet seat with pedestal, such as wet tissue or dry tissues.

Dry Your Hands

To dry your hands, it is worth avoiding the use of hand dryers. This is considering the air that is removed from hand dryers precisely proved to make the bacteria increasingly widespread. It is better to use dry towel or tissue.

What about the transmission of COVID-19 through feces?

Although there is some evidence that the COVID-19 virus can be found in the dirt, the CDC mentions that there is no clarity about the virus being able to spread that way. The chances are very low.

The thing to watch out for is when flushing or watering the water closet. At the time of flushing the toilet, aerosols or particles in the air are formed and it can spread the virus so that it needs to close the toilet.

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