The safest airline in the world 2020

Security and safety are number one in all transportation categories, no exception to air.

Therefore, finding the safest airline before boarding can be a consideration of its own.

The Australian site, again released The safest airline in the world 2020 list.

Every year, airline security review Sites issue a list of security and quality to a number of world airlines. Most recently, they issued a list of the safest Airlines 2020 on January 2 earlier this year.

Known, the assesses each airline based on the rating system (1-7 stars) and has been recognized by millions of passengers from 195 countries of the world as the global standard in aviation.

In listing the world’s safest airlines, AirlineRatings examines a number of factors that become assessments, such as industry audits and government that regulate flight, aircraft accidents, aircraft age, finance, crew training and work culture.

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The safest airline in the world 2020

Here is the list of The safest airline in the world 2020:

Qantas (ABC Australia)

This year, the safest airline is a Qantas (ABC Australia) airline.

According to Editor-in-Chief Geoffret Thomas, for the last 60 years, Qantas has been the leading airline in the progress of safety operations.

Qatar airline is one of the best and have never experienced a fatal accident while flying.

Air New Zealand

Still from the neighboring Qantas airline, Air New Zealand Airlines came out as the second safest airline in 2020 (Air New Zealand).

Eva air

Shifting to Taiwan, there is a Eva Air that managed to get into the ranks of three safest airlines.

Etihad airlines

While, from the Middle East, there are Etihad airlines that become the safest airline in the top four worlds.

Qatar Airways

Ranked five safest airlines of the world 2020 filled by the Middle East airline, Qatar Airways.

Singapore Airlines

The safest airline in the world 2020 - Singapore airlines

The most secure airline 2020, Singapore Airlines reached number six.

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Ranking of the seven world’s safest airlines 2020 is occupied by Emirates.

Alaska airlines

From the US, there is an Alaska airlines, airline that entrenched the ranks eighth.

Cathay Pacific

As a matter of security, Asian airlines are no less. The proof is that Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong is ranked ninth.

Virgin Australia

Last, there was Virgin Australia in tenth positions.

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