Visiting The Cleanest Village In The World: 3 Rules, Lists, and Why?

Visiting The Cleanest Village In The World: Rules, Lists, and Why? Panglipuran Village in Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia is confirmed as one of the cleanest villages in the world. Some rules are also made for visiting tourists.

Rules For Visiting The Cleanest Village In The World: Panglipuran

Maintaining the cleanliness of the environment

Tourists who come to visit the Panglipuran Tourism Village must take part in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment. Visitors are forbidden to dispose of garbage arbitrarily.

A designated smoking area

The manager of the Panglipuran Tourism Village will still review the place that will be designated for visitors who smoke. The special places are not allowed for smoking place.

Visitors who littering will be warned

Meanwhile, visitors who throw garbage in the area of the Panglipuran tourism Village will be subject to warning. The organizer has not yet imposed a penalty against visitors who dispose of garbage.

Visit the Cleanest Village in the World

Talking about the beauty of Bali has been never endless. It was all agreed if Bali became a favorite destination for vacationing both local and foreign tourists. The exotic beaches, the natural beauty of the cooling, the rich culture, to the friendly community, become the reason Bali is so beloved.

Visit Bali, many tourist spots that spoil your heart and eyes. But, try to make time to touch the cleanest village in the world. Yes, the village of Penglipuran. This village in Bangli is officially a tourist village since 1993 ago. At the beginning of its establishment as a tourist village, Penglipuran was awarded the Kalpataru award.

With a total area of 112 hectares consisting of 12 hectares of home area of residents, 49 hectares of fields, and 37 hectares of bamboo forest, Panglipuran Village becomes a list of tours that we should not miss. How not, the inhabited village of about 986 people will spoil us with a cool and peaceful atmosphere.

Exploring the village of Panglipuran, we will find a clean, comfortable and quiet alley road hallway. Very friendly locals, even we are welcome to stop by the house to just rest.

Interestingly, both two-wheeled and four-wheel vehicles are forbidden to enter the attraction. Each vehicle owned by the villagers will be placed in a garage behind the house that has a different path.

A very high awareness of society to protect the environment, so clearly seen when there is no waste at every angle. There is also a trash tray in every corner. In addition, the people who want to smoke also should not be careless, smokers must go to a special place that has been provided for smoking.

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Why is the cleanest village in the world?

Not excessive, indeed if this village is the cleanest. The layout of the house building looks lined and precise, clean yard without any garbage scattered. Green atmosphere is very visible, the air is also cool without pollution. Not to be missed, colorful flowers are growing in many places, bougainvillea, Hibiscus, roses, and Cambodia. Very pampering the eyes.

The Cleanest Village In The World

Above is already explained 1 of the 3 cleanest villages in the world. Here we will explain again 2 other villages:

Giethoorn Village

The Cleanest Village In The World - Giethoorn

The village of Giethoorn is located in Overijssel, Netherlands. The location is 1.5 hours from Amsterdam. The village is free of motor vehicles and even practically almost without a road.

There are only canals and small streets for pedestrians. In this village, the main transportation access is a 4-kilometer canal. Beside the boat, there is another transportation, that is the bicycle. Usually, residents will use bicycles when going to several places or simply visiting their neighbors.

Thanks to the uniqueness of this tourism village in the Netherlands, Giethoorn is very popular among domestic and foreign travelers.

The village of Giethoorn is inhabited by approximately 2,620 people. The environment is clean, beautiful and shady to make many tourists visit this village. In fact, Giethoorn gained the nickname as “Venice of the Netherlands” and became one of the most popular tourist spots in the Netherlands.

Mawlynnong Village

India is not always dirty and full of pollution as it is often described. The proof, the village of Mawlynnong Meghalaya, actually managed to get the predicate as the cleanest village in the world. The village is inhabited by Khasi tribes. Plants and flowers grow lush and clean around the village as well as unspoiled garbage littering the streets of the village.

Bamboo bins are available at every corner of the road. In addition, there are large warnings that prohibit the public to dispose of garbage. Volunteers and residents also diligent to sweep the street regularly so that the village of 500 inhabitants is always clean. Mawlynnong became known to the world after an Indian journalist visited and wrote about the village 12 years ago. In the writing, the journalist called it the cleanest village in Asia.

Apparently, the clean living culture has been implemented since 130 years ago in the village when the cholera outbreak struck. A pastor told the ancestors of the citizens that keeping the body clean, food, home, and the environment could protect themselves from cholera.

Since then they really maintain cleanliness and even prohibit travelers from coming into their territory. It was only in 2003 that the prohibition was removed.

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