5 Things You Should Know Before Riding Seattle Great Wheel

As the most famous iconic attraction in Seattle, it wouldn’t be complete if you are visiting the town without trying to ride the Seattle great wheel. Opened in June 2012, the attraction is the youngest of its kind in the world. The gigantic ferries wheel that sits on Pier 57 will give you astonishing experience since you can enjoy the bird’s eye vision of the whole city. Just keep reading to know a lot more.

Things You Should Know Before Riding Seattle Great Wheel

How Much the Tickets and How to Buy It

Kids who are 3 to 11 years old will be charged for $9 and adults between from 12 years old and above should pay $14 per ticket. Meanwhile, if you are senior enough which is 65 years old or older, you can purchase a ticket by paying $12. If you are taking along your toddler who ages 2 or younger, they will be passed for free.

You can always go to the venue without any planning and wait in line to purchase the tickets. But, if you are unwilling to wait, you can buy tickets online and make sure to print them out before you are going. If you arrive and only have the confirmation code, you should still wait on regular wait. The tickets you bought online will be valid on any date and time as long as the wheel is open. It won’t be expired until you use it. However, if you couldn’t buy tickets online for seniors since it is only available at the booth.

What to Take Along

You may don’t want to bring too many things since the room inside the gondola isn’t too spacious. However, taking a stroller along will be a great help since it can carry your toddler while waiting in line. Just park it right at the bottom of the stairs where you will get on along with your food and drinks because it isn’t allowed. You should not forget to wear your sunglasses when you are riding the Seattle great wheel. The sunglasses will make sure you can enjoy the whole sights.

The Magical LED Light Shows

Seattle Great Wheel

Over than 500,000 LED lights are attached on the huge ferries wheel with 175 feet tall. Imagine how magical it is to watch the vibrant light shows at night on weekends. You can enjoy watching the colorful illumination on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. But, on game days and holidays, you will be able to see the special themed shows. Additionally, you can even order a custom show according to your preferences.

 The Great Wheel VIP

If you want to enjoy the most extravagant seats on the gondola, you could try the VIP feel. There is actually one special and luxury gondola where you can plan to have a very romantic date night. The four seats inside the gondola room are made of leather and it is completed with a stereo system. What’s more, it features a glass floor! It won’t be only a romantic but also a thrilling experience.

The VIP tickets are only available for a first-come and it costs $50 for one ticket. By purchasing this ticket, you will get priority boarding, one t-shirt as souvenir and photos from the photo booth. You will also have a champagne toast after riding at Fisherman’s Restaurant.

The Feeling after Riding

The Seattle great wheel consists of 42 gondolas which are completely enclosed. It allows you to ride on every season except if there are lightning strikes in one-mile distance or the wind reaches 55 mph. they will be closed for those circumstances. While your cabin is taking high, you can get pleasure from the spectacular views of the Pike Place Market, Space Needle, T-Mobile Park, Century Link Field, Mount Rainer, Elliot Bay, and the bluish of the Seattle Aquarium.

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Since one cabin can hold up eight older people, it can generally hold more than 300 riders at one time. First, it usually goes slow because new rider should get on the gondola. You can take this chance to really absorb the view. Once the gondola is full, you will go through three times of slow rotations. It could take about 20 minutes, but I’m pretty sure it will be long enough for you and your children to spend inside the Seattle great wheel.

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