11 Oldest City In The World List

Oldest City In The World List – Along with the time, it certainly makes the age of a country or city also increasing. A city that has been in the age of thousands of years is certainly interesting to study. The reason, although it is thousands of years old is not very few cities in some countries in the world still have its own appeal.

A city that is already thousands of years old certainly has a more interesting appeal. The architecture of the building that is identical with ancient times is still preserved today. It is one of those cities that still look aesthetic despite its thousands of years of age.

Oldest City In The World List

Here are The Oldest City In The World List:

Damascus, Syria

The city of Damascus is believed to be the oldest city in the world consistently populated by residents. Currently, Damascus has a population of more than 2.5 million people. In addition, Damascus was the capital of the Arab culture since 2008, also the capital of the Syrian Arab Republic.

There is a proof that the city of Damascus has been occupied since it was established almost 11,000 years ago. The earliest existence of Damascus was around 9,000 BCE. The city of Damascus became one of the old city-dwellers inhabited and always had inhabitants.

Jericho, Palestinian Territory

The next Oldest City In The World List is Jericho, Palestinian Territory.

Jericho is a city located near the Jordan River. The city, which has a population of 25,000, is believed to be one of the oldest cities in the world. According to archeologist, the first village found in Jericho was alleged to be 200 years older than the rest of the region. The city ages are about 10,000 years old.

The city that holds many historical riches has a unique geographical location. Jericho was at 244 masl. Some of the world’s archaeological trails are in this place. If you visit this place, you can see the valley area that is dawn and beautiful. Not only that, you also find historical buildings, such as forts, towers, and other buildings. Visitors who come to Jericho can enjoy the old town by the cable car that has been prepared.

Byblos, Lebanon

The next oldest city in the world is Byblos, located in Lebanon. According to the Alexandrian philosopher of the Roman Empire, Byblos is the oldest city in the world.

According to the philosopher who was born about 25 centuries before the ad, in ancient times they did not have an archaeological tool to perform archaeologists at proving Byblos is the oldest city in the world. There is a proof that the city of Byblos was established about 7,000 years ago. Today, the inhabitants of Byblos are stepping around 40,000 people.


The next Oldest City In The World List is Jerussalem.

The next oldest city in the world is also regarded as one of the holy cities in the world is Jerusalem. The old city that name never expires is a very important site for the three religions namely Jews, Muslims, Christians.

It is located on a plateau, precisely in the Judea mountains between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea. The city that is over 5,000 years old BCE (BC) was apparently destroyed at least twice, surrounded 23 times, attacked 52 times and taken-back about 44 times.

Wow, it is definitely a lot of historical value in this city yes.

Athens, Greece

The Greek city of Athens is certainly no stranger to the world’s people. Not infrequently the city is always visited and become one of a tourist destination. The city which is one of the oldest cities in the world is the birthplace of the philosophy of democracy, and modern Western civilization.

The city of Athens had been inhabited and envied on Earth since 7,000 years ago. This means that the city of Athens existed long before influential philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristoteles make it as a city that is historically a significant popular of human civilization.

Now Athens became the capital of Greece, which also became the center of Greek Economic, cultural, and political. In addition to being the oldest city in the world, the city of Athens is rich in buildings, monuments and ancient artworks.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Oldest City In The World List - Plovdiv

Bulgaria is the next country to store the oldest city in the world. Bulgaria was a country that was once part of the Roman Empire. The city of Plovdiv is called the Philippopolis and is a large city within the empire.

According to evidences of archaeologists, the city is believed to have continued to be inhabited for nearly 6,000 years. To date, Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria with a population of 7 million.

Aleppo, Syria

The next oldest city in the world is the city of Aleppo in Syria.

To date, it is unknown exactly when the civilization of Aleppo was built.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the existence of the city has been recorded since 3,000 years ago BC.

Meanwhile, according to other estimates, the city of Aleppo allegedly existed even since 5,000 BC.

Unfortunately, the modern city of Aleppo has been devastated as a result of the unrelenting war ravaging and destroying most of the historic sites in the city.

Al Fayyum, Egypt

Al Fayyum is one of the oldest cities in the world that has been inhabited for more than 6,000 years. The city of Faiyum is home to farmers and our community of the Agrarians.

Drought, war, and other disasters have led to a decline in the population of the city. Nevertheless, the city that has been inhabited for over 6,000 years has never been uninhabited. The population of this old town is about 350,000 people.

Gaziantep, Turkey

Gaziantep is also known as the Antep.

Antep is the sixth largest city in the country of Turkey.

Gaziantep City was established in 3650 BCE by Hittie.

Hittite was the people who lived in the Bronze Age.

In this city we can see the ancient Gaziantep fortress.

The fortress as a reminder icon that the city is very old,

Beirut, Lebanon

An excavation undertaken by the mid-1990 found evidence that the civilization of Beirut, Lebanon has lived for 5,000 years.

This fact makes the city of Beirut one of the oldest cities in the world still occupied today.

Meanwhile, according to the New York Times site, the youngest age estimate of Beirut is about 3,000 years old.

In the past, the city of Beirut was the site of one of the best law schools in the Roman Empire era.

Cairo, Egypt

The ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis was founded by Pharaoh Menes. It is estimated that the city was built around 2,300 BCE. The modern capital was established in 969, as the capital of the Fatimid Caliphate.

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