Most popular Asian street food

The Asian continent is known as an area that has a country with a diverse history. No wonder there are a number of must-see historic sites while on vacation in Asia. In addition, Asia also has culinary properties, one of which is street food. Not only well known in its native country, the popular street food even in various countries. The following most popular Asian street food.

Most popular Asian street food

  • Pho

Originating from Vietnam, pho is a soup containing rice noodles with savory broth. Pho is originally known as a food street in Vietnam, but up to this time pho is popular in Southeast Asia. Pho is a staple food for the people of Vietnam. Although traditionally Pho is the breakfast menu, while this noodle soup contains the sliced beef and meatballs were served every time and eaten regularly by both the rich and poor people were initially can be bought for only $ 1.

  • Panipuri.


Originating from the region of Magadha in India, panipuri was also found in Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Panipuri in the form of Indian bread which is fried to dry, then fill with potato, chilli, chutney, and beans.

  • Gua Bao

Known as a Taiwanese burger, Gua Bao is a very popular street food in Taiwan. Gua bao made from steamed buns stuffed with pork, pickles, and peanuts.

  • Satay
Most popular Asian street food - Satay

Most popular Asian street food – Satay

Comes from Indonesia, Satay made from chicken or goat. Satay burned on top of the coals and smothered with delicious peanut sauce.

  • Gimbap

Gimbap is street food typical of South Korea that many are served at the restaurant. This food is made of rice and seaweed filled with fish, eggs, and vegetables.

  • Liangpi

Many are found in China, liangpi originated from Shaanxi Province. Liangpi made from wheat starch, which is added various vegetables.

  • Jalebi.


Sweet, jalebi is a street food which is found in South Asia. Jalebi made from wheat flour fried in various forms and given extra sugar syrup.

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