Most expensive cities in Southeast Asia 2018

Most expensive cities in Southeast Asia – One of the considerations of someone choosing a place to stay is the magnitude of the cost of living in a region. The higher cost of living, the more money a person spends if living there. Cost of living in Singapore is the most expensive compared to other cities in Southeast Asia. Based on the Cost of Living Index Numbeo 2018, Singapore’s cost of living index of 91.49 points, well ahead of other cities in ASEAN member countries. Although it is the highest in the region, but the cost of living in the Land of the Lion is 8.51% lower than the city of New York which became the standard calculation index.

The city with the second highest cost of living in Southeast Asia was Bangkok, Thailand followed by Makati, Philippines in third place. The most expensive cost of 20 cities in Southeast Asia, three cities in Indonesia included in the list, namely Jakarta sequence 13, Bali (16), and Yogyakarta (20). Yogyakarta, previously considered as a low-cost city living in the country turned out to be included in 20 cities with the cost of living in Southeast Asia.

Cost of Living Index 2018 using the reference cost of living in New York City (index = 100) as standard. Index of cities in Southeast Asia that is under 100 level indicated that the cost of living in the area under New York City. In the cost of living index it using some indicators such as comparisons of apartment rental prices, prices of grocery, food and beverage prices in restaurants, and prices of consumer goods.

Most expensive cities in Southeast Asia 2018

The following Most expensive cities in Southeast Asia reviews launch by Numbeo:

  1. Singapore
    Country: Singapore
    Score: 91.40.
  2. Bangkok.
    Most expensive cities in Southeast Asia

    Most expensive cities in Southeast Asia

    Country: Thailand
    Score: 55.791.

  3. Makati
    Score: 55,542.
  4. Phuket
    Country: Thailand
    Score: 53,173.
  5. Johor Baru
    Country: Malaysia
    Score: 50.984.
  6. Petaling Jaya
    Country: Malaysia
    Score: 49.80.
  7. Penang
    Country: Malaysia
    Score: 49.50.
  8. Phnom Penh
    Country: Cambodia
    Score: 49.24.
  9. Chiang Mai
    Country: Thailand
    Score: 47.29.
  10. Kinabalu
    Country: Malaysia
    Score: 47.75
  11. Pattaya
    Country: Thailand
    Score: 47.24.
  12. Kuching
    Country: Malaysia
    Score: 46.79
  13. Jakarta
    Indonesian Country.
    Score: 47.47
  14. Kuala Lumpur
    Country: Malaysia
    Score: 46.28
  15. Selangor
    Country: Malaysia
    Score: 46.04

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