8 List of Island of Hawaii

List of Island of Hawaii – Hawaii is an archipelago of 8 main islands and several small islands around it and is entirely located in the North Pacific Ocean. The indigenous peoples of the archipelago are Polynesian II (northern Polynesia).

The archipelago is located in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean and is the northernmost archipelago in the Pacific. To the southwest of the archipelago is the islands of Micronesia, and the south is the Melanesian Islands and southern Polynesia. Astronomically at 21 ° N and 157 ° W coordinates.

The climate of this archipelago is subtropical moist, because it is located in the middle of the ocean so it always gets moist air from seawater evaporation. The highest peak is Mauna Kea, then Mount Mauna Loa, which is one of the world’s famous volcanoes.

List of Island of Hawaii

Island of Hawaii - Lanai

From west to east, Hawaii consists of the Hawaiian Islands consisting of 8 main islands, namely:

  • Ni’ihau.
  • Kaua’i.
  • O’ahu.
  • Moloka’i.
  • Lana’i.
  • Kaho’olawe (not populated).
  • Maui.
  • Hawai’i (Big Island).

Niihau Island.

Niihau Island is still very silent and hidden.

Many people already know, the Island of Hawaii are an undisputed paradise of holiday places. It stretches from Hawai at the southeastern end to Kauai on the northwest end. Then the Northwestern uninhabited island in the archipelago approaches the Bering sea.

Among these regions, there is a lesser known island located 28 km west of Kauai and 222 km southeast of the nearby island of Northwestern Island. It is the private island of Niihau, with a length of 30 km and only inhabited by less than 200 residents. To safeguard their privacy and their way of life, not all outside people can access the island.

Facts about Niihau Island.

  • Niihau Island is dubbed as a Forbidden Island. It is called a forbidden island, because people who are not native to Hawaii are not allowed to go there. Access to the island is very difficult.
  • The island belongs to a family of more than 150 years. In 1864, King Kamehameha V sold the island to the ancestors of the Robinson family, namely the Sinclair family at a price of 10 thousand US dollars. At that time, buy and sell transactions using gold. Today, the island of Niihau is inherited from its descendants, the Robinson family.
  • Isolated from the outside world. Although the island is only 27 kilometers away from Kauai, the island remains untouched from the outside world. Those who are allowed to visit this island are the only descendants of the Robinson family and Niihau inhabitants. Niihauans are allowed to go outside the island and back again. The population here is also only less than 200 people.

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Oahu Island.

About 1.4 million people in Hawaii, mostly living on Oahu Island. The island is known as one of the best places to shop, culinary hunting, and enjoy the night life.

Oahu is also a great place to get a natural tranquility that is rarely found in the city center. If you go out of Honolulu, you’ll find quiet towns on the North Shore and lush green mountains on the east coast.

Maui Island.

Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii. Here you can enjoy the soothing atmosphere of the beach, beautiful waterfalls, and adventure such as hiking, cycling, snorkeling, and also surfing.

Not only that, you can also experience a variety of attractions along Road to Hana, one of the most beautiful streets in Hawaii.

Big Island.

The choice of the island that you should visit while in Hawaii not only stops there, because there is still a Big Island. The island also entered the largest island in Hawaii. A variety of beautiful scenery you can get there.

The unique look of black and white sand, golf courses, lush forests, waterfalls, green sand beaches (Papakolea), and the most stunning is that you can see a little snow on the island.

Not Hawaii If there are no interesting attractions in it. The Big Island itself has the most famous attractions, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The attraction will also bring visitors to see the volcano in Hawaii while it is erupting.

You can also relax on the beach or snorkel in the evenings. Not only the beach that you can enjoy, because there are also rainforest, botanical gardens and waterfalls.

Wouldn’t your holiday feel complete when you can stop by the Big Island?

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