5 Tips How To Get Rid of Rats in The Car

How To Get Rid of Rats in The Car – Cars that are not used for a long time, such as during lockdown, must still receive the attention of the owner. In addition to maintaining the optimal condition, it can also help prevent the risk of becoming a rat nest.

Besides in the house, the car often becomes a rat nest because it has a very diverse area to hide.

Part of the car that often becomes a rat nest is in the area of the machine because it has a warm temperature, and there are holes or gaps to hide. This condition is certainly risky to cause damage to the car, especially if the rodents bite the car cables.

Disturbing animal around our house can actually be prevented from getting into our car anymore. Often we do not know that the animals are already in our car.

Their presence will certainly be harmful to the beloved car. Rats sometimes like to nest in the engine room, and these rodents are not uncommon biting the wires. It could, the cable inside the hood of many machines that break up and cause a short circuit of electricity.

It can also cause the radiator hose to leak. If the hose is leaking, then the machine becomes hot fast, because the radiator serves as an engine cooler.

For the nasty and annoying animals do not make any trouble anymore, especially for your beloved car, then it should be resolved immediately. Here’s How To Get Rid of Rats in The Car.

How To Get Rid of Rats in The Car


Tips that are easy and cheap is to use camphor. How To Get Rid of Rats in The Car with this camphor not only makes the rodent go away but it can eliminate unpleasant odor.

The smell that comes out of the camphor is to repel rats, because the animal is anti pungent aroma.

The trick is spreading the camphor to the area around the machine or in the car space. But when spreading it is well spread, the reason if it is not evenly distributed, then the mouse will most likely move to another place or angle.

In addition to camphor, you can also use peppermint or other pungent remedies available in the store.

Heat the car engine

If you have a car that is rarely used, do not forget to always heat the machine every day. Not necessarily long enough 3-5 minutes.

Rats usually prefer to nest in cars that are rarely used. With the routine of heating your car engine, the rats will be lazily up to the hood.

Prepare traps

How To Get Rid of Rats in The Car using trap

You can prepare a mouse trap under the car engine. Mousetrap can be either a mouse clamp or a mouse glue. Put a bit of food that the mouse liked to lure it into the trap.

Put a rat poison is not recommended because you will not know where the mouse will die and rot.

Closing Access

If your car is in a closed garage, your step to How To Get Rid of Rats in The Car that can be done is to close the rat’s entrance access to your garage. Make sure that the garage door closes tightly at night.

If your garage is in an open space, you can close the rat’s entrance by spreading the mothballs near the car tire or spraying pesticides around the car tires. It is done because usually rats enter the engine room by crawling through car tires.

Use Morinda citrifolia

How To Get Rid of Rats in The Car Engines is to use the Morinda citrifolia. Slice the fruit boxes and then put some pieces in the bowl.

Place the bowl in places that are often passed by rats, or under your car’s engine. Usually the smell of the Morinda citrifolia will make the rats refused to approach.

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