Did You Know How the Pilot Rest in the Cockpit?

Upon entering the aircraft, a passenger entrusted their fate to the pilot and Copilot. In carrying out the mandate ‘ life and death ‘, the duo pilots need to keep their physical condition stay in shape. They are allowed to rest during the flight. How the Pilot Rest in the Cockpit?

How the Pilot Rest in the Cockpit?

Break for a pilot it is absolutely necessary, especially for long-haul flights that could traverse the time more than 12 hours. If it does not rest, pilot prone to make mistakes when landing due to their physical condition is no longer Prime.

How the Pilot Rest in the Cockpit?
How the Pilot Rest in the Cockpit?

For a long time, there should be a pilot’s time to rest. The rest in question is in a lying position, not just a sitting state. Pilots and copilots take intermittent breaks.

For the rules of long haul flights, there are a few rules of the airplane company or there should be a bunker where pilots sleep in a horizontal position

Bedroom for the pilot in these long haul flights remained not far from the zone of the cockpit. Offered from a number of flight literacies, a pilot’s sleep time of no more than four hours, because having to alternating with Copilot.

The shape and area of the bedroom for pilots vary, depending the type of aircraft. But generally, the pilot room resembles a business class.

Back to the pilot, to be known, the maximum flying hours a pilot in a day is nine hours. This applies to standard flights that uses two pilots.

During long-haul flights, also known to enlarge crew or additional cockpit crew. With a system of three pilots, the maximum flying hours each pilot is 12 hours. A pilot was also allowed a break though, not in the long haul. The rest time is of course not long.

The break was needed so that, when the plane was landing, the pilot and co-pilot were both fresh and fit. However, break it should only be done alternately.

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