Hong Kong Disney World fried rice

Hong Kong Disney World fried rice – If travelling to Disneyland Hong Kong, we feels do not travel too far from Indonesia. Understandably, in the second Disneyland built on the Asian continent is quite a lot of things that bring us closer to Indonesia. First, the Manager of the Hong Kong Disneyland provides a map location of Indonesian. This map can be easily gotten at many places there, or ask the staff who live nearby.

The instructions contain locations throughout the Disneyland Park, which consists of seven areas. The seven areas are Main Street USA, Adventureland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, Toy Story Land, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. Map guidance also provides information about the rules that apply in place of playing it. There is also information such as rental baby strollers and wheelchairs venue as well as information about the silent room. The room can be used for those of you who want to worship quietly.

Hong Kong Disney World fried rice

Disney World

Disney World

After the map directions, Disneyland Hong also has a restaurant that sells halal menus. Of course, this makes it easy for Indonesian travelers. Come to the restaurant called Explorer’s Club Restaurant located in Mystic Point, then you can choose a menu of fried rice or Javanese curry vegetables.

All the food in this restaurant have been certified halal by the Islamic community in Hong Kong so that you do not need to feel worried when you eat it. In addition to Indonesia, the restaurant also provides other Asian cuisine.

Some Asian menu that too often we encounter in Indonesia. For example the Japanese-style Bento box which contains a grilled salmon, crispy fried chicken steak with vegetable fried rice or shabu shabu with a mixture of various vegetables.

Disney World fried rice

Disney World fried rice via disneyparks.disney.go.com

Then there are the classic Korean menus such as chicken ginseng soup like grilled meat ribs and barbecue grill. Other hospitality you can enjoy in the attraction, it’s A Small World in Fantasyland. This game invites you to travel around the world with its variety of dolls which represents culture and the culture of some of the continents in the world, including Asia.

In parts of Asia, you can see the dolls with kimono costume and there is also a Chinese lion dance also known in Indonesia. While at the other end of the journey, you will find a wide range of writing “Goodbye” in different languages in the world, including in Indonesian language, placed on the left side before heading to the end of the trip. The typical hospitality of Hong Kong Disneyland was certainly accompanied hope that you later returned to explore the remaining area. Understandably, to try all the games and watch the attractions here, one day is not enough.