History of Islam in America timeline

History of Islam in America timeline – Islam religion growing so rapidly in the United States (USA). According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a leading Islamic Advocacy Institute–the number of Muslims in the land of Uncle Sam has reached 7 million. No wonder, if John L Esposito expects in the future the number of Muslims will defeat the Jewish population.

Islam is one of the religion is important to the American people, said Esposito in the encyclopedia of Oxford. How not, Muslims in America already have around 2,300 institutions and organizations, 1,300 mosques, Islamic centers, and schools. Muslims have a great role in building America.

In fact, Islam is not a new developed religion in America. In fact, Islam had been present in the new world–the nickname given by Christopher Columbus to the Americas–before the superpowers were formed. Long before the Spanish explorer arrived in the Americas, Islam was present in the land.

History of Islam in America timeline

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Since when has Islam been present in America? The Muslim historian Abu Bakr Ibn Umar Al-Guttiya relates the Ummayads Caliphs during the reign of Spain named Hisham II (976 AD-1009 AD), a Muslim navigator Ibn Farrukh has sailed from Kadesh in February 999 M towards the Atlantic.

The Muslim sailor was anchored in Gando or the Great Canary Islands. Ibn Farrukh visits King Guanariga. The Muslim explorer named the two islands of Capraria and Pluitana. Ibn Farrukh returned to Spain in may 999 M.

No doubt, historically, Muslims have influence in the evolution of American society a few centuries before Christopher Columbus discovered it, said Fareed Numan H Muslim in American History A Chronological Observation.

Ivan Van Sertima historian in his work, They Came Before Columbus proved the existence of contacts between African Muslims with the native Americans before Columbus came. In the African Presence in Early America, Van Sertima found the fact that Muslim traders from the Arabian was also very active trade with people who live in America.

When set foot on the American continent, said Van Sertima, Columbus had expressed his admiration for the Caribbean people who are already Muslim. According to him, Columbus also knows that Muslims from the West coast of Africa had lived first in the Caribbean, Central America, South and North. The development of Islam in America has been through ups and downs.

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