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Travel guest post
Travel guest post

Are you travelling this year? There are tens of thousands of people who’d like to hear from you. And we’re one of them.

Welcome travelers and authors, we at Haversacker are looking forward to hearing about your travel stories and reading your articles. If you can write your travel experiences on paper and put your tour into word, then Haversacker is the perfect place for you to make guest posts on travel related topics.

What am I looking for?

Since the main focus of this site is traveling, and the main audience is travellers, only topics pertaining to traveling are accepted. Some topical ideas include:

  • Travel Tips
  • Destinations
  • Holidays/Vacations
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Development Tips for Travellers
  • New Travel Technology
  • Travel Industry News & Conferences

Do you have any guidelines to follow?

  • The content must be unique and not have been posted anywhere else
  • Must be a minimum of 500 words
  • We would like it if you can include pictures or videos
  • Submit your story via email in a Word file and attach your photos separately with resolution of maximum 635px wide.
  • Content should add value to the reader.
  • Your article should bring added value to the blog, this means that you should submit an article that you would be proud to use as a promotion of your writing skills and expertise.
  • You should add at least 1 link to relevant posts of Haversacker
  • You should also link to reputable sources that will really help readers find extra info about mentioned in the article. (No link to commercial sites is allowed unless you pay).
  • If you add any stats, data and numbers you should link to the sources.
  • Provide a short Bio to add to the end of the article.
  • Provide a small thumbnail sized image of you or your website’s brand logo
  • You By-line can include 1 (one) links to a website or social media profile.

Please be aware there is often a wait on publishing guest posts due to the sheer volume of guest post requests we receive. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Still interested in submitting a travel guest post?

You find out contact information on the Contact Us page.