Grills from around the world

New year identical celebrated with a feast of grilled food or barbecue. This ancient cooking technique known by the whole world, when grilling on top of iron with smoke that makes cooked meat or vegetables. Fragrant smoke and seasoning the food that makes it increasingly favors. Especially if eaten together with large families. Here are the barbecue cuisine so culinary traditions in other parts of the world. The grills from around the world

Grills from around the world

  • Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore.

It has a bunch of country food is famous for its barbecue techniques i.e., grilled fish, grilled chicken, and satay. The meat is usually as an escort there are always spicy which adds to the taste. Generally there are many spices that are used to marinate barbecue meat-style grouping of the three countries.

  • Japanese.
Grills from around the world

Grills from around the world

Japan food baked with techniques actually are familiar. For example the yakitori, robotayaki, yakiniku, and teppanyaki. Japanese soy sauce became the signature grill food to Japan.

  • Turkish.
Grills from around the world - Turkish

Grills from around the world – Turkish

Who is not familiar with kebab? Grilled food is indeed phenomenal and this one is known by almost all over the world. Goat meat and mutton is the most popular protein in the Middle East. Eaten together with bread and fresh vegetables.

  • United States.
Grills from around the world - United States

Grills from around the world – United States

In particular the State of Texas is famous for barbecue meat cooking techniques. A protein that is commonly used is the cow, accompanied with complementary food fries, sweet sauce, and a glass of be**er.

  • South America.

In the United States is famous for its asado which is also barbecue. Countries in South America was fond of burning meat in a number of fantastic. So the grill is usually large. Asado became one of the traditions that are often found in other South American people. In some countries, usually asado sauce is a combination of salsa sauce, chimuchurri, and raw onion.

  • Europe.
Grills from around the world - Europe

Grills from around the world – Europe

Countries in Europe, especially Western Europe like Switzerland and Germany was fond of burning the sausage and vegetables. For countries that are near the sea, fish is also one of grilled protein. It is generally eaten with fresh sauce like lemon or vinegar.

  • New Zealand and Polynesia.

New Zealand regions, countries in Polynesia, including some areas in Eastern Indonesia have different barbecue technique. They are generally wrapped protein and vegetables with leaves or aluminum foil, then buried in the ground, and burning the soil that put stone and bush on it. This roasted system causes the taste of barbecue in this exotic famous country unique and soft-textured.

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