Every Gentleman Needs Dress Shoes for men

Manner make the a man and that’s why it is important to have knowledge about dress shoes for men. Your manner will show that you are a gentleman and whether you deserve for a respect of not. There’re manners every respectable gentleman needs to follow on daily basis and that’s including manner of fashion.

It is a shame that high profiled men including young executives of leading tech companies are choosing casual style forgetting the fashion manner of a true gentleman. Even when you work in more casual environment, you need to know that a gentlemen’s style are not only bebe t shirt, jeans, and pair of sneakers. There will be time when you are required to suit up and that’s including wearing dress shoes. Even when you will rarely wear it, having a good pair of dress shoes in the closet is still a good investment.

Every Gentleman Needs Dress Shoes for men

What is Dress Shoes

Dress Shoes for men
Dress Shoes for men

By definition, dress shoes are shoes worn with formal dress code, like on formal events. The shoes are required to cover all parts of feet and not including boots or sneakers. These days, the definition of dress shoes for men are loosen that in many cases, certain types of boots are also considered as part of dress shoes. Material wise, dress shoes are mainly made from leather although these days, other types of leather products and synthetic materials are widely used to made dress shoes.

In short, dress shoes are the shoes that are not athletic shoes or outdoor shoes. Some people may insist that only black polished leather formal shoes can be considered as dress shoes but actually, there are several types of shoes recognized as dress shoes in this modern era. The main difference between those types of dress shoes is the fastening mechanism. In general, all types of dress shoes have four main parts they are: toe, vamp, facing, and quarter. The presence and configuration of those parts make distinctive characteristics among them. Main categories of dress shoes for men are:

Oxford Shoes

This is the standard and most popular dress shoes. It is even said that every man needs at least one pair of oxford shoes. For Americans, this type of shoes is more popularly named as barmoral shoes. The main characteristics are closed lacing with facing being stitched under the vamp. Oxford shoes come in different types of stitching: wholecut, plaintoe, captoe, and wingtip. Oxford is the most appropriate category of dress shoes for business attire.

Derby Shoes

Also known as Gibson or Blucher, this shoes category was originally designed to meet the needs of hunting and sporting goods. Over the years, Derby is also accepted as proper dress shoes. As opposite to oxford shoes, in derby shoes the facing stitched on top of the vamp or known as open lacing. Its sporting roots make derby more comfortable to wear thus it fits to wider attires.

Monk Strap Shoes

The construction and shape of monk strap is generally similar to oxford. The main distinction is the closure and fastening mechanism. Instead of lace, it comes with strap fasted with single or double buckles. The strap offers better protection. Originally designed and made for monks, today this shoes category is somehow considered as more formal than derby but less formal than oxford.

Those are the main categories of dress shoes for men. No matter which one you prefer, be sure that a pair of dress shoes is a good investment.