Cleanest village in asia – Mawlynnong

Touted, the cleanest village in Asia are in India. In this village you will trouble finding garbage and a scattering of dry leaves.

How can it be, there is one village in India are very clean, beautiful and wonderful?

cleanest village in asia 2016

Cleanest village in Asia (ashwinkumar/flickr)

This is the village of Mawlynnong, the village that was The Cleanest Village In Asia. It is released from the BBC Travel.

The cleanest Village in Asia

The cleanest Village in Asia (By travellingslacker/flickr)

Mawlynnong is one of the villages in the State of Meghalaya, East of India near the Bangladesh border. The nearest town is Shillong which is 90 km away. This village is at the foot of the hills. Due to the small village roads, the cars could not enter into the village, just in parking entrances.

En Route to Mawlynnong

En Route to Mawlynnong (By travellingslacker/flickr)

The village is inhabited by about 600 inhabitants, with a population estimated as many as 100 more homes. The houses are there any simple, with its main ingredients bamboo only.

Bamboo house in mawlynnong

Bamboo house in mawlynnong (By goimonitor/flickr)

Actually there is no special attractions, only a root bridge and also a dense forest. Mawlynnong’s community lived off farming and orchards, the growing of herbs to fruits. But of course, the reason tourists come there not because of tourist attractions, but rather because of the cleanliness.

mawlynnong village tourism

Mawlynnong (By travellingslacker/flickr)

There is no garbage that was strewn in the streets. On every corner, there is a basket made from bamboo and plaited to form a cone as a trash can. Never mind the garbage, dead leaves are falling even grass-weeds is not there.

Everyone maintain cleanliness of the village. If they see garbage or dried leaves, they will be picked up and throw it into the trash.

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