Top 11 car fire causes

A car can suddenly burn when used. Not only the “ordinary” cars can be burned, super car-class can be burned.

The case of the burning car has occurred a lot. Many possible car fire causes. It could be human error, the cause of the mechanical, chemical, or a combination of those mistakes.

There are several common car fire causes.

Top 10 car fire causes

What are the possible car fire causes? Check out the review here.

Design Flaws.

A design of vehicle defects could be the car fire causes. Usually, car manufacturers capture issues of design flaws before widespread incidence and harm consumers more broadly. Manufacturers typically pull back (recall) a car that is less good for repairing the problem. Not all design flaws could cause a fire. But, some of the many incidents that caused the problem.

Maintenance of the car.

Human error either directly or indirectly could be car fire causes. If car owners are careless about maintenance, car will be more dangerous. For example, cars are left unattended and there are leaks here and there or damaged cables without repair, cars at risk of burning. The obsolete cable tends to trigger and make contact with flammable materials.


Accidents can also be car fire causes, depending on the impact. Most of the crumple zone designed properly so that the sheet metal on the car absorb crash occurred when an accident occurs and protect dangerous points such as engines, batteries or fuel tanks. Even so, a hard collision could cause leakage of flammable liquids, and can cause heat and smoke. With such conditions, potentially car fire as well.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle batteries.

Eco-friendly vehicles are currently widely circulated in the form of electric and hybrid cars. The car battery type that is also potentially a fire. There are already cases in 2013 when the Tesla Model S is on fire in the United States. The case began when an accident where a car drove very fast and crashing debris that pierced the car battery and directly triggered the fire. On the 2011 Chevrolet Volt burned while testing. Mentioned, the car fire causes were leaking cooling system is interacting with a damaged battery that triggers ablaze.

Catalytic Converter To Overheat.

One of the hottest parts of the car is the exhaust system. Catalytic converters can overheat  due to overwork to burn more pollutants than their ability. In other words, if a car’s engine does not operate efficiently and burning are not perfect, many of which end up in the exhaust system. Catalytic converter then had to work extra hard to do its job that keeps more heat than usual. Catalytic converter too extra work or clogged with easy temperature rise from its normal around 649 to 871 degrees Celsius to more than 1,000 degrees Celsius.

The engine is too hot.

Engine overheat also could be one possible car fire causes. Machines that are too hot can make the internal fluids such as oil and coolant temperature rises to dangerous and started spilling from its circulation area. When that happens, the fluid can drip onto other hot parts could easily ignite the fire and spread. Generally, the engine overheating needs mechanical attention. There may be a seal that is leaking or the radiator not working properly. If the car engine overheat constantly, then that should be noted and repaired immediately.

The liquid Spilled or leaked.

The average car or truck has a number of flammable liquids and very dangerous behind the hood. There is petrol or diesel, engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid even engine coolant. All liquids that circulate when car is turned on and all of them can catch fire easily if it leaks. Although the blaze due to liquid spills it will most likely be triggered from behind the hood of the machine where all of the hazardous liquids are concentrated, keep in mind that some of them such as fuel and brake fluid flows along the entire car.

Damage To The Electrical System.

Electrical system failure was the most common car fire causes. Battery problem can also trigger fire. Electric current from the battery along the wrong or loose cable can produce sparks that rapidly ignite fire from droplets of liquid or steam that leaked. The danger of the electrical system is not just behind the hood, but the electrical cables are in the car so it’s worth noting the parts.

Fuel System Leaks.

A leak in the fuel system is also the most common car fire causes. Previously been discussed plenty of fluids that burn easily, but gasoline is the most dangerous. Gasoline at a certain temperature can catch on fire by itself. Extremely flammable if gasoline leaking and dripping onto hot metal or other parts that are hot. The best way to reduce the possibility of fire due to the fuel system is ensuring the car is maintained and cared for properly. If the smell of fuel inside or around the car, find and fix the leak immediately.

Criminal acts that Deliberately burned the car.

Why would anyone intentionally set fire to a car? It could be a cover for theft or other crime evidence to dispel. Or it could be insurance fraud, intentionally burn the car for getting insurance.

Install additional Accessories

This is auto lovers that could cause a fire on the car. Additional accessories that are only installed without calculations are of great risk.

If you speak electricity, of course, additional accessories will add weight, there will usually be a component of safety accompanying, such as fuse, fan, radiator and others.

Therefore, if you intend to install Dashcam, additional lamps or other accessories, make sure to choose a workshop that is assured of quality.

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