Car caught on fire while driving, Do not Panic! Do It

Ever imagined if the car caught on fire while driving or parked? What should be done first by Haversacklover? In America, burning car reported there were 33 cars per hour and usually occur in young people while driving the car.

Actual the car caught on fire could be prevented by good drive and also a routine car maintenance. Most of the car caught on fire caused by the gasoline hose which is not functioning as it should. At least bring the car once a year to do tune-ups. Here are Top 10 car fire causes.

The car caught on fire while driving, Do Not Panic! Do It

car caught on fire while driving
car caught on fire while driving

If we smell burning, immediately bring the car to the nearest garage. The name of prevention, there is no harm in bringing Portable Fire Extinguishers in the car.

While on the way, for example, we smell the burning in the car either from the car hood or inside the cabin of the car, immediately rip the car and turn off the engine.

Such action can immediately stop the flow of gasoline so that the fire could have been avoided. All the passengers who were in the car too soon out and away and looking for a safer place about 45 meters from the car. Don’t forget to call the local fire department, or ask for the help of other riders.

Portable Fire Extinguishers is also be used when we saw smoke coming out of the car hood car but no fire. The car hood could be opened and sprayed from a distance.

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