Camping in the clouds – Toraja, Indonesia

Camping in the clouds – Speaking of Toraja, certainly cannot be separated with many interesting natural panorama. It is presented and is obliged to visit. One of them is Lolai “land above the clouds”. The exact location was at Lolai, Kepala Pitu, Rantepao, South Sulawesi.


Lolai located at an altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level. It shows the breadth of a thick cloud view, making you like being on top of the clouds. Because it is above the cloud, Lolai is often called “the land above the clouds”. To be able to get here have to traverse a distance of about 20 km for 30-minute journey from the city of Rantepao, Toraja Utara Regency uses a car or motorcycle.

You also need to be careful because of road conditions, narrow, winding and uphill. Make sure the car lights and brakes work well to make your trip safer.

Tourist Destinations

There are three tourist destinations in Lolai that can be visited at once due to the close proximity of adjacent. The three tourist destinations namely To’Tombi, Tongkonan Lempe, and Pongtorra.

Three locations serving panorama of nature and the city from the top of the heights that coated the expanse of white cloud, as well as views of the sun rising and sinking issued orange color of the sky. This will be the best photo object that’s not to be missed for those of you who have a hobby of photography.

To enter, you have to pay Rp. 15,000 at each location and can enjoy the scenery here at any time because it is open 24 hours. When visiting Lolai, To’Tombi became the first location found. The evening is the most appropriate time to enjoy a holiday here will be very much and thick cloud and sunrise will look more beautiful.

No absences also Toraja city views with lights that looked charmingly from above. Don’t ever visiting here when the rainy season because of the views of the cloud will be covered and reimbursed by the mist of rain. The heat of the Toraja coffee and warm fried bananas may be the most fitting friends while spending time here. Lazy to carry stock, don’t worry because at this place there is a row of stalls selling Toraja coffee and snacks.

Camping in the clouds

Camping in the clouds

Camping in the clouds

Not far from To’Tombi, there is a row of Tongkonan houses known as Tongkonan Lempe. The tongkonan terrace can be used to sit while relaxing and enjoying the expanse of white clouds and cool winds that have not been mixed with the pollution.

Here you can also enjoy views of the clouds or wait for sunset and sunrise while camping. By spending a budget of Rp. 200,000 per tent, you could feel the sensations of camping on the top of the clouds. If you do not want to spend a budget, you can bring your own tents from home at no charge.


And the last place that closed visits is Pongtorra. This place will be the location most suitable for who like photographs because there are many cool photo spots that can be used, and free. You can use the door spot wherever, sunflowers, bridges, ships, bicycles on the top rope and the other spot to add your collection of photos.

When visiting remember to use warm clothes, because the weather here is very cold.

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