5 Beautiful and nice restaurants in Bogor Indonesia

This holiday is delicious eating together in Bogor Indonesia. There is a café with a instagramable with a greenhouse-like shape to  look like a forest.. Unique! The weekend is your time to enjoy with family. In addition to sightseeing, exploring the culinary in Bogor City could be the right choice. Here are some of the Beautiful and nice restaurants in Bogor are also unique and perfect for the family that you can visit.

  1. Foresthree.
Foresthree - Nice Restaurants in Bogor

Foresthree – Nice Restaurants in Bogor

If you want to enjoy the sensation of healthy food in a forest, you can try Foresthree. A variety of drinks and fresh fruit-based food with a healthy animal protein you can try. It said that the fresh fruits are taken directly from a local farmer in Bogor with A grade or grade selected as the best raw material for food.

Located at Panduraya, you can enjoy a variety of smoothies bowl with colorful stuffing until chicken mushroom cream soup. Want to eat in the hotel’s indoor or outdoor with lush grass and trees, free of your choice. The price of food to the drink ranges between Rp. 13,000 to Rp. 49,000.

Jl. Pandu Raya, Tegal Gundil
Bogor Utara
Telp: (0251) 8575517

2. Royale Bakery and Cafe.

Royale Bakery and Cafe - Nice Restaurants in Bogor

Royale Bakery and Cafe – Nice Restaurants in Bogor

Relax in Bogor City, certainly not complete if you do not stop by the funny Cafe. With a touch of nature like flowers and leaves it turns out could make the mood more comfortable. If you want to enjoy heavy meals as well as tasting cake or bread can come here.

Royale Bakery and Cafe located in Jalan Siliwangi, Bogor. It not only provides a spacious and beautiful, but also you can order some yummy menu, such as salmon steaks with blend fries, salad vegetables and cheese sauce. Do not miss there is also local dishes like tail green chili to white rice with fried duck crispy mix.

For the cake there is a strawberry cheese, truffles as well as a wide variety of pastry with stuffing. Want to try?

Royale Bakery and Cafe
Jl. Siliwangi No. 65
Bogor Timur
Telp: (0251) 8326277

3. Gudang Koleksi Antique and Food Showroom

Gudang Koleksi Antique and Food Showroom

Gudang Koleksi Antique and Food Showroom

For those of you who love antiques, can come here. You can see a diverse collection of antiques ranging from the year 50 ‘s to 90 ‘s. The vintage of course not only get to see a collection of traditional, but also can eat tasty traditional dishes ranging from traditional food to the West. The menu consists of Soup, Nasi Liwet, Fried spring rolls, Fried Bananas until Chicken Rica. Just try it!

Gudang Koleksi Antique dan Food Showroom
Jl. Pahlawan No. 53
Bondongan, Bogor
Telp: (0251) 85776199

4. Roofpark Cafe

5 Beautiful and nice restaurants in Bogor Indonesia 1

It lies at an elevation that is located on the roof of the houses of the Raja Fashion outlets. So in addition to shopping, you can also enjoy delicious dishes. Landscape during the day or early evening is very impressive. There is an awful lot of food offered, ranging from mushroom noodle soup, hot plate, grilled rice ball until the range of tasty drinks. Certainly here is very fitting to take pictures. Because of the colorful chairs up to the scenery to make your photos more gorgeous!

Roofpark Cafe
Jl. Raya Pajajaran No. 3
Lantai 3 Raja FO, Bogor
Telp: (0251) 8576519

5. Cibogy.

Cibogy - Nice Restaurants in Bogor

Cibogy – Nice Restaurants in Bogor

Cibogy is located near Gadog toll exit. The concept is “Eat, shop and play.” One of its flagship food is Richard’s Spicy Katsu very suitable enjoyed spicy and crispy food lovers. In addition, there are also some other meals and the place is very interesting. This place is surrounded by glazed the more tasty and immediacy. Want to?

Jl. Raya Puncak, Cianjur No. 84
Megamendung, Bogor

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