4 Tourist Destinations in Yogyakarta Indonesia that are hits

Tourist Destinations in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta In Indonesia is a city that has a million advantages and always a lot of new things in presenting its tourism. Many things that we can find in each of the corners of the city. The bustle of its citizens who was always cheerful all the time, plus the smile of their citizens who are sincere with friendly summoned creates comfort, for any visitors who want to feel at peace with life. Many new things that we can observe the city which is known for its natural beauty and culture, to be learned in this city.

In the city, there are also some fun attractions we can visit with family or close friends, let alone facilities in at tourist attractions of Yogyakarta already complete and accessible by vehicle.

Tourist Destinations in Yogyakarta

Merapi Volcano in Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions.

Tourist Destinations in Yogyakarta

Tourist Destinations in Yogyakarta

The first tourist destinations in Yogyakarta is Merapi Volcano. Adventure tracing Merapi eruptions could be a choice of attractions that also become a destination in Sleman Yogyakarta, we can see the rest of the eruptions in the past who have had 2010 ago, that destroy many buildings and roads on the slopes of Merapi.

Fierce the Merapi eruption in 2,010 ago left many stories are all encapsulated in a simple House called “Omah Memory”; or the House of memory which has now become one of the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta and anti mainstream and is busy hits visited by local and foreign tourists.

In place of this Omah Memory, Yogyakarta also keeps a wall clock that is still attached to the walls that witness to the seconds of hot lava sweeps home at 12:15 pm. On the other hand, we can also find animal bones as well as art and the rocks of Mount Merapi eruptions have powerful evidence.

In addition to the “Omah memory” as a goal of the Merapi Volcano Tour, tourism spots in Yogyakarta must-see is “Alien Rock”. Not only are the ruins of a destroyed village swept away the heat clouds from Merapi, but on this tour of Merapi’s activities we will also be invited to head for the bunker protection of heat clouds. However, the bunker is no longer used since the eruption that occurred in 2006 ago.

For those of you who will visit to the location of the Winaherjo Merapi village tourism could follow the access point on the map that can be customized with our departure to location, from the entrance of the village that you can choose to do the lava tour of Merapi.

Additional information for those who will be travelling Vulcano Merapi Tour, it is worth using the jacket and most importantly using mask cover the nose. For those who like to adventure tours, tourist attractions in Yogyakarta which are hits we can choose to follow one of the unique tour packages in Yogyakarta such as by using jeep or motorcycle that we can use to go to each location in the tourist attractions of Yogyakarta that is mandatory visited this.

Attractions in Setawing Waterfalls, Kulon Progo Yogyakarta

The second tourist destinations in Yogyakarta is Setawing Waterfalls, Kulon Progo Yogyakarta. Eliminates fatigue can be done in various ways, one of them to enjoy a beautiful natural Waterfall Setawing that offer the freshness of water from the Menoreh hill. This Jogja tourist spot which is popular becomes a must-visit holiday destinations for those of us who like to invite family and colleagues for a holiday in the open.

Menoreh Hill in Kulon Progo store millions of natural beauty, one of the natural attractions in Yogyakarta called Setawing waterfall. The waterfall is located in the hamlet of Jonggrangan, Girimulyo has reached a height of 45 meters. Around the falls, we can see a variety of vegetation thrives in this one tourist spot of Jogja.

Jogja cheap tourist spot at Setawing Waterfall, in addition, we can feel coolness waterfall, we can capture the beautiful natural objects through the lens of the camera. To enjoy the sights of waterfalls we only have to pay Rp. 3,000,-/person.

Mangrove Forest Tourist Attractions Of Kulon Progo Yogyakarta

The third tourist destinations in Yogyakarta is Mangrove Forest Tourist Attractions Of Kulon Progo Yogyakarta. In Yogyakarta tourist attractions, we can pamper the eye with shadowy trees and fresh mangrove atmosphere with air. Sights of interest in Yogyakarta not only serves its natural beauty. However, tourism spots in Yogyakarta also provide a place to spot selfie photo for lovers of photos with a wide selection of beautiful background.

Total photo spot in the sights of mangrove forest Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta is about 20 spot photos that we can choose. In addition to being a means of education for the preservation of mangrove, the place is very fitting for us who will invite family and children to play and get to know more about the richness of Indonesia’s nature that is rich in the potential and natural beauty.

To get to the attractions that were hits in the Mangrove Forests of Tirta Warna, Kulon Progo, we could use the route of the access road ,follows the line of the map below that can be adjusted from where we depart.

Lepo Waterfalls, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta Attractions.

Grojokan Lepo is a new tourist attraction of Jogja in Bantul.. The natural landscape around the waterfall is still natural. Lepo is short for ledok poko means Pokoh Valley. The hamlet of Pokoh which directly bordered by Regency of Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta, making this area with a dry characteristic.

According to the information, only in the hamlet of Pokoh is there a spring. Where there are total 9 pieces. There are 4 natural pools that are connected with 3 Grojogan Lepo waterfall. The depth of the pool varies, ranging from a half to two meters. Overview of attractions in Yogyakarta is not less beautiful with waterfalls that exist in other places.

For those of you who like world adventure will test the adrenaline rush, you can try the flying fox rides can be enjoyed with a feel for the beauty of the falls from a height of Lepo Grojogan. At the moment, we will see a row of waterfalls that looks increasingly beautiful from above.

Visit the sights of Grojogan lepo Gunung Kidul waterfalls, we only take around 45 minutes from the center of Jogja city by car, by following the Jalan Imogiri Timur in the direction of Mangunan. During the journey, we will become be presented with beautiful natural scenery of green hills, rice fields and shady trees as far as the eye in the area of Gunung Kidul Jogja.

The atmosphere of the pristine and beautiful attractions in Yogyakarta, a new and hits is very suitable to become a holiday destination with your family and relatives to spend the holidays on weekends and the holiday season. For you who will go to the Lepo waterfall tourist attractions can follow the path access road contained in the map below which can be set from our departure to go to the location.

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